Accommodate All Students

  • We can help you accommodate all of your students needs by identifying each students learning strategy
  • We can help you accommodate all of your students needs and adapting our content to them. 

Real-time Analytics for Teachers

  • Using Big-data analytics, our online courses are about to deliver real-time feedback to teachers. This helps teachers understand which students are struggling and how to best help them. 

Reduce Learning Times

  • With IntellADAPT’s patented adaptive learning software, students are capable of comprehending and retaining new information much faster rates than the traditional “one size fits all” method is capable of. 


  • With our Adaptive Physics Course we are able to automatically grade assessments on our site so that you don't have to.
  • Take the stress out of grading deadlines with Auto grading.



For Students 

Online Adaptive Courseware

Our Adaptive 2.0 courses are geared to reinforce instruction in the classroom.  The courseware is licensed by the semester, and pricing is based on the number of students in the class.

$29.99 - 49.99 per Semester

Nano Adaptive Modules

Our Nano-Adaptive Apps are built on intellADAPT's patented Adaptive 2.0 platform, and use a competency based approach to ensure complete mastery of the concept at an accelerated pace.

$1.99 per Module per Semester

For Educators

Adaptive Resource for the classroom

Adaptive Resource for the Classroom (ARC) can help you accommodate all of your students. With ARC you can improve learning outcomes and strengthen learner comprehension without changing the way that you teach. 

$9.99 - $29.99 per Student per Semester depending on Volume


  • License the Adaptive 2.0 Platform.
  • Subscribe to our IDesigner tool to create your own course.
  • Work with our team to develop your custom Adaptive Course .

Contact for Price

How it Works

The core of Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology is the Learning Cube, which is built around pedagogy, learning models, rich media, real-time feedback, and learner analytics. Each individual has a dominant learning strategy based on cognitive development and a unique pace to digest new learning content.

Adaptive 2.0 is unique in tailoring content to each student's personal learning strategy. The content is also dynamically rendered if the formative assessments indicate that the student needs more work in mastering the concepts before they continue on to the next course module. 


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