Nano Adaptive Modules

A Nano-Adaptive App is a short app that you can download form app-stores of your choice to master a concept within 15-30 mins using Adaptive 2.0 learning that supports learning strategies and intelligent feedback. Adaptive 2.0 technology is available in Mobile App form, for competency based education and training, allowing for even greater portability and productivity. Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices as well as all modern Internet browsers, Nano-Adaptive Apps provide unparalleled flexibility as the connected learner transitions between their desktop, tablet and smartphone throughout the day. intellADAPT can create an Adaptive, App-based solution for clients in the following areas: Nano-courses modules (15-30 mins) in employee skill development Short interactive product education modules (10 mins) Customer-centric demos of product information (10-15 mins) Location based education and training for employees and customer

Online Adaptive Course

intellADAPT has a portfolio of adaptive courses for STEM subjects.  Adaptive 2.0 courses are geared to reinforce instruction in the classroom, although some teachers use the content in a flipped classroom context.  The courseware is licensed by the semester, and pricing is based on the number of students in the class. Students find the courseware not only reinforces concepts, but also helps them prepare for exams, such as Advanced Placement exams and SAT2. Courses available now include Physics, Algebra, Statistics, Biology, and Calculus.  More courses are in development and will be released over the next few months.

Adaptive Resource for the Classroom

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