This is the first year that I am using intellADAPT’s Adaptive Physics course for my AP Physics class. The first reactions of my students were extremely positive. They found the interface to be very intuitive and easy to use, and have appreciated the fact that the software keeps track of how they are doing and how they are learning material best. They have mentioned that they like that it presents the material we are doing in class differently than I do. In addition they like the freedom to log in whenever they choose and be able to go through the material provided as a review/refresher and be able to go as fast or slow they feel they need to.

I can attest that these features are all true as I registered for a student account for myself and have found the content helpful as a refresher to myself. I also have found the software extremely easy to use and very useful from both the student and teacher perspective.
— Dan Moriarty, Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, MA
My school is 100% Project Based Learning school where students collaborate on to learn concepts in order to complete their projects and course learning objectives.

I provide my students a wide variety of activities and resources to help increase their depth of knowledge. Adaptive Physics is one such resource and many of my students use it for more in-depth instruction and challenge beyond the standard honors curriculum. The students especially like the varied learning strategies that allow them to approach difficult material in a manner that is best suited to their personal learning style. The platform also allows me to flip and enrich the classroom environment by having students work independently through the Adaptive Physics platform to master skills and then bring more focused questions and problems to class.
— Ben Owens, Tri-County Early College High School, Murphy NC

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