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intellADAPT - Adaptive 2.0 Learning Solution is the only SaaS model that provides individual educators, academic institutions, and corporations the ability to publish customized adaptive 2.0 digital courses.

  • Capture your share of the surging digital course market on all platforms and mobile.
  • Be amoung the first in the next generation of Aadaptive 2.0 Learning Solutions for mobile learning products
  • Create your very own adaptive 2.0 course with boundless scalability
  • Provide personalized attention to students who need it most

The Aadaptive 2.0 Engine allows even the most technologically challenged individual to create rich, Aadaptive 2.0 digital courses, with intuitive step-by-step instruction.

Robust courses and deep learning are the new standard with intellADAPT's Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology’s unique ability to incorporate personalized adaptive learning strategies, assignments, assessments, and rich multimedia content all with real time intelligent feedback. Publish your Adaptive 2.0 digital course with intellADAPT's Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology today.


Features Overview



intellADAPT's content agnostic Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology allows for seamless transition of previously curated content into beautiful, rich, adaptive digital courses which are cross platform and device independent. Go Mobile anytime.


Launch your Adaptive 2.0 digital course with unsurpassed scalability, allowing multi-instructor management and limitless student enrollment.


Track student progress every step of the way with robust analytics and reports, intervene when necessary for a more personalized eLearning experience.


Increase course participation, learning outcome, retention and completion rates as well as overall student competency with intellADAPT's Adaptive 2.0 Learning Solution.


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For clients seeking more advanced scalable adaptive 2.0 Digital Course solutions we can provide in-house customization. Just ask us!


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