Welcome to intellADAPT – an Adaptive Learning Platform

intellADAPT is a company of professionals who are committed to improving the learning experience for students.  We recognize that each learner is unique in how he or she absorbs information because of having acquired varying experiences and knowledge upon which to build.

Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar, the founder of intellADAPT, saw first-hand the need for adaptive learning while studying and teaching at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  This led him to research how students learn and how they are best taught.

Dr. Sonwalkar launched intellADAPT with the intention of overhauling the pedagogical status-quo of ‘one-size-fits-all learning’ to help learners use their own best learning strategy to gain competency for any given concept. intellADAPT is the only true personalized and adaptive learning tool on the market.

Dr. Sonwalkar’s years of research into learning strategies and teaching pedagogy was awarded a patent for his designs to provide courseware that is targeted to each individual.  

Why Choose intellADAPT for this new style of learning?

IntellADAPT has been serving clients in Higher Education and K12 with its adaptive courseware and professional development platform for teachers.  IntellADAPT also supports President Obama’s Upskilling America initiative targeted at improving the skills of the current work force to meet the demands of jobs today and into the future.

IntellAdapt is based in Boston, MA and has received funding from the National Science Foundation’s SBIR program.   The intellADAPT team is passionate about transforming education into a truly personalized and adaptive experience for each and every individual learner.